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We were White German Shepherd puppy owners long before we became White German Shepherd breeders.
We discovered that White German Shepherds have amazing temperaments, they are great with kids, terrific watch dogs and very intelligent.

In 2003 when our beloved pet, Otto, was getting older we started to search for a new White German Shepherd. We discovered it was very difficult to find White German Shepherds! However, we were determined to stick with this breed. We have 5 children and the White German Shepherds seem to naturally be very calm & protective. We noticed early on that Otto would shepherd our young children -- if he felt they were wandering too far from our yard he would gently block their path & redirect them back to us!

Starting in 2004 and taking over 2 years of searching, we finally found our handsome George, and a few months later our sweet Olga. To our delight they were just as amazing as Otto. We decided we wanted to share what we had discovered with others.

....and with all that.....we decided to start breeding White German Shepherds.

Today we own 5 White German Shepherds See the Studs & Ladies page HERE. Call us today to learn more about our White German Shepherds for sale.

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