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1) Are White German Shepherd puppies good with children? 
Yes! White German Shepherds are known for being great family dogs. A calm, gentle temperament is a characteristic of the WGS breed In addition the parents are on site, so you can confirm this yourself if you choose to visit our farm. Furthermore, at Ravenswood Hollow our dogs live in our home with us. Their pups are born in our home & constantly touched & cared for by our 5 children. This human contact is essential to a German Shepherd's socialization. 

2) Are your White German Shepherds for sale good watch dogs? 
Yes! White German Shepherds are known for their loyalty & protective nature. They are very alert & intelligent creatures who bond intensely w/their family. We noticed early on that our dogs would naturally shepherd our young children -- if they felt our kids were wandering too far from our yard they would gently block their path & redirect them back to us! 

3) How long does it take to house train the pups? 
Amazingly many of our clients report that Ravenswood pups are housebroken from day 1 in their new families. In the wild dogs do not allow their pups to soil in the den. At Ravenswood our pups are kept in our home w/their moms for the 1st 4 weeks. Then they are moved w/their moms to our heated barn which has access to a large outdoor corral (doggy door). The mom trains the pups to do "their duty" outside because they think of the barn as their den. Therefore if our clients continue with "Crate Training" the pups are often housebroken immediately! 

4) How can we be confident we are receiving a healthy pup? 
Our pups come to you having been vet checked & having received appropriate vaccinations & deworming. Ravenswood Hollow also provides each pup with a Health Guarantee. Perhaps the most reassuring aspect of welcoming a Ravenswood pup into your family is that all the pups parents are on site. So if you choose to pick up your pup directly you can meet the parents & see how robust & healthy they are (family history, of course is one of the primary factors in a dog's health). Furthermore our dogs have produced over 100 pups over the years & we have never had any reports of health problems, which needless to say is amazing from a statistical point of view. 

5) Is it difficult to keep a White German Shepherd clean? 
Surprisingly because of their waterproof double coat WGS stay quite clean all by themselves. In fact, occasionally when we go on long hikes with our dogs they have romped through the marsh on the back part of our property & have emerged covered in jet black mud! Without any action from us-- other than making the dogs spend the night in our back yard we inevitably awake to find our dogs pure white again (the mud seems to simply flake off once it is dries). 

6) Do White German Shepherds shed a lot? 
Yes, but not as horribly as one would expect... They seem to have two bad weeks in the Spring & 2 bad weeks in the Autumn during which they shed quite a bit, but then for the rest of the year they really aren't too bad.

7) We already have a dog will they accept one another? 
General rule of thumb recommends getting a dog of the opposite sex. However, I have never seen any problems w/either sex as long as the new dog is a puppy. In addition our pups are raised in a family setting rather than in cages, so they have constant contact w/our other adult dogs. In fact our mom's help one another out & nurse each other pups, so our pups are very comfortable around other dogs. 

8) We own a cat; will the pup be nice to it? 
We have 2 barn cats, rabbits, fish & chickens-- so our pups are used to co-habitating w/other critters. In fact, it's generally the cats that boss the dogs around if any "bossing around" occurs.

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